CANCELLED- NTM 04/2023 – Communications – Ramsgate Harbour and Approaches

1) Commercial Craft
a) VHF Channel 14 Call sign “Ramsgate Port Control”

All vessels navigating within the Harbour Limits and Approaches shall maintain a listening watch for Ramsgate Port Control on this channel.

b) VHF Channel 68 shall be used by vessels when communicating with tugs within the port.

Whilst working on channel 68, a listening watch shall be kept on VHF Channel 14 as far as is practicable.

2) Leisure Craft
a) VHF Channel 14 Call sign “Ramsgate Port Control”

All leisure craft in the port approaches or intending to enter the port should listen on
VHF Channel 14 until clear inside the Royal Harbour.
Leisure craft intending to leave the Royal Harbour should commence listening to VHF channel 14 prior to leaving the Royal Harbour, and maintain such watch until clear of the approaches.

b) VHF Channel 80 Call sign “Ramsgate Marina”

Is available for leisure craft to communicate with Marina Staff regarding berthage, fuelling request and Marina Matters within the Royal Harbour.

Leisure Craft entering should not change from Channel 14 until inside the Royal Harbour.

c) VHF Channel 14 Call sign “Ramsgate Dock Office” For times of opening and closing of dock gates for access into the Inner Harbour Marina.

d) Ramsgate Fishermen’s Association Fuelling Facility

Mariners using Fishermen’s Association fuelling facility should contact the Dock Office on – VHF Channel 14 – PRIOR to departing from the berth to ensure no vessels are entering or leaving the inner basin.

3) General

Other Channels If, for any reason, a vessel considers it necessary to use any other channel for Port Operations purposes; they shall do so only with the permission of Ramsgate Port Control.

VHF Channel 68 will be monitored by the Ramsgate Port Control as a calling channel in the event of VHF Channel 14 being masked by continuous carrier or transmission.

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