Port of Ramsgate


  • 32 acres/132,000 sq. metres of dedicated Port Land
  • 3 RoRo bridges capable of accommodating conventional RoRo fast ferry services
  • All three berths can be utilised simultaneously
  • Effective Port Traffic Management System in operation
  • Capacity to handle multi-decked vessels
  • Capacity to handle stern
  • Water and bunker facilities on all berths
  • All RoRo pontoons and bridges have double width road ways to permit fast vessel turnarounds

Port Parameters

Maximum vessel length

No 1 – RoRo 140 metres

No 2 & 3 – RoRo 180 metres

  • Sheltered waters
  • Depth of water at LAT Main channel 7.5 metres – turning circle up to 7.5 metres
  • Compulsory pilotage for vessels over 80 metres in length or carrying hazardous cargo or passengers.  Master or Mate may obtain Pilotage Exemption Certificate
  • Both Port Control and Port manned 24 hours per day
  • Berth to clear of buoyed channel 1.2 miles

Our modern plant and efficient service ensures you get a rapid turn around and keep your vessels on schedule.

Freight Handling

Port of Ramsgate has all of the facilities you would expect from a modern RoRo terminal.

  • Ability to handle RoRo vessel up to 180m and 6.5m draft
  • 1 double deck RoRo berth
  • 2 single deck 23m wide ballastable pontoon berths,  all with double lane link bridges
  • Terminal buildings with offices

Dedicated plant:

  • Tugs – trailers – MAFI – forklifts (up to 10T)
  • Dedicated warehousing for transhipment and storage
  • Customs clearance available 24/7