Commercial vessels

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Commercial vessels – (all charges subject to VAT)

Commercial vessels other than those mentioned here under per gross registered tonne per entry – £1.29

  • An entry shall permit a maximum stay of four days, after which further entry dues become payable every four days.
  • Waste / rubbish clearance – prices upon application

Tug boats and Work boats – non resident

  • (operational/non-operational including navigation aids and port control)

Per metre of length overall per 24 hours or part thereof – £6.14

Per metre of length overall per 7 days – £30.67

  • Annual Charges per Port Tariff
  • Stays less than 4 hours – 50% of daily rate

Workboats – resident in port

  • (Operational or Non-Operational)

Per metre of length overall per annum (excludes Port Control & Navigation aids) – £429.79

Port Control/Navigational Aids – per arrival, subject to max charge – £23.76

Port Control & Navigational Aids max charge per annum per vessel – Minimum 6 months pro rata – £8674.59

Fresh water

Per tonne – £3.62

Minimum charge – £35

Fuel Transfer

Permission to bring tanker onto Port or Harbour property – £54.60

  • 24 hours’ notice and harbour master approval required

Fuel delivered over the quay royalty – per litre – 0.0161


  • Tariff available from the Harbour Office
  • Wharfage, Cargo Handling and Storage – rates upon application

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