Storage fees & charges

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Boat park – Per metre – per week or part thereof

Visitors rate – £8.85

Permanent berth holders rate – £3.36

  • Including Broadstairs and Margate berth holders maximum six weeks per year then reverts to visitor rate

Charge for cleaning boat park/harbour estate if left untidy (per man hour) – £90.28

  • The resident’s rate will be applied to the number of vessels in the boat park that is equal or less than the number of permanent berths per customer in the inner and/or outer marinas
  • Additional vessels within the boat park will incur the visitor rate
  • Vessels in the boat park for 12 consecutive months will be charged at the relevant weekly rate plus 50%

Boat trailer or cradle storage – £11.88

  • Subject to availability – per week or part thereof

Commercial quay temporary hard standing

  • Subject to availability
  • Charges as per boat park – maximum 14 days thereafter 50% surcharge applies

Container storage – subject to availability

  • Per container per week or part thereof
  • Minimum 2 weeks (No services)

10ft container (short term per week or part thereof) – £12.80

20ft container (per week or part thereof – min 2 weeks) – £37.40

40ft container (per week or part thereof – min 2 weeks) – £57.80

Land hire within Royal Harbour

Per square metre, per week or part thereof – £3.48

Motorhome/caravan parking (Port)

Per week or part thereof – min 4 weeks – £13.00

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