CANCELLED – NTM 08/2023 – Royal Temple Yacht Club Temporary Yacht Racing Marks

Mariners are advised that the following yacht race marks, all unlit yellow spherical/conical buoys, have been placed in the following positions:

Buoys nameLatLongType of buoy
Kent Decking51°19.12N01°24.58EYellow Spherical (ex. Stonar)
Stonar51°18.76N01°26.35EYellow Spherical (ex. Euromarine)
Icom51°17.72N01°26.35EYellow Conical

It is intended to deploy a 4th (Ramsgate Sailing School) later in the season at the old Ivor Thomas Amusements location – and will advise when this is completed..

Buoys nameLatLongType of buoy
Ramsgate Sailing School51°17.75N01°27.14EYellow Conical (ex. Ivor Thomas)
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